Al Arabi Factory for Steel Works has one aim;  
Excellence in All We Do

Al Arabi Factory for Steel Works is committed to become one of the best manufacturer of Structural Steel Frames, Girders, Structural Beams and miscellaneous steel structures.  In the regional perspective, our mission is to provide and develop products and services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers relative to the maxims “Fitness for Purpose”; “Safe in Use” and the “Value for Money” Philosophy.

We have set-out our corporate visions, goals and objectives, and in order to build and achieve them in optimum time, will require that each and every individual associated with the company to possess work quality


ASF Manufacturing facility has a total land area of about 30,000 square meters of which 12,000 square meters are utilized for production. It has been divided into areas based on product lines.

Fabrication area consist of equipments for manufacturing...

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